una mirada a reliquias

20 paneles, 30x40cm
tecnica mixta sobre cartón, sobre madera


fotografia de obras
marcelo tarsitano

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a look at relics

20 panels, 30x40cm
mixed media on paper board, on wood


photography of works
marcelo tarsitano

Architecture is, is not, palaces,
eternity within confines,
eternity through a door,
eternity within four walls,
interior infinite,
locked happiness,
no doors if keys,
doorless architecture if keys.
Where enter and where exit?
Four white walls?
Four black walls?
Golden bars, black bars, mirrored bars.

A tower is an object to fall, jump, for, from.
A tower in itself a bird.
We fall first, then buildings.
Penis, body, tower.

To control nothing, to activate nothing.
To contemplate inactivity.
To observe nothing in action.

Machine: to control nothing,
person: to control things,
to hunt down the rabbit,
man wounds man,
world control, word control.

Oh but the big weekend!
The big parenthesis.
To dance in the biggest room,
to become stellar,
a pause.

The same entrance to the stupid mansion,
same old same old.
Ways out.

Landscape, factories, buildings.
Tourism, colonies.
Tourism a bad form of curiosity.
Colonies, footprints.
Tourism, footprints.
Footprints, history.

That what once was.
There where that what once was happened.
A swiss kind of beauty that can only produce death,
turn everything that covers into death.

Feel like a cardboard jesus,
feel like the weakest jesus.

To honor the dead,
to protect the dead,
to crown the dead,
brush off the dirt.

Ideas as us as puppets: robots.
Man and woman,
Short circuited city,
cancerous city, if.

prepare to give away, to throw away,
prepare to discard, to deliver.

Entire cities in our pockets, in our closets, in our dreams.
Back to zero.

Art as art as idea as idea as neurosis as problem as neurosis as solution.
For myself (no discovery, no invention): art as problem as solution.
For myself (no discovery, no invention): art as decease as cure.